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Self Supporting Roofing System

Self Supporting Roofing System

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  • Reference: Self Supporting Roofing System
  • Type: Shade Structure - Self Supporting Roofing System
  • Lenght: Variable
  • Width: Variable


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The self supporting roofing is a building system based on a support structure, topped by two beams where the roofing sheets stand.


It can reach a span of 30 m although the optimal span is 22 m depending on the location.


The connection of the roofing sheets to the beams is made using a metal ridge, working as a joint.


The system is completed by assembling 2 different types of tension cables:


- Tension cables to absorb horizontal loads.


- Tension cables to avoid sail effect.


From a technical point of view, the ridges, working as joints, prevent tension to be transmitted to the support structure. This will make pillars perform like brackets secured to the foundation.


Roofing colors: Subject to availability


Side metal sheets (wall claddings) colors: Arcelor RAL Color Chart


Frame colors: RAL Color Chart


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