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Classic Rigid Frame

Classic Rigid Frame

Ficha Técnica

  • Reference: Classic Rigid Frame
  • Type: Shade Structure - Classic Rigid Frame
  • Lenght: Variable
  • Width: Variable


The usual solution, but it works...


These are the most common portal frames used in warehouses.


Its purpose is to support at least one roof over an area wide enough to carry out a sports activity.


It is built with standard open sections.


Depending on the structural loading and the sections limitations, this frame can reach a span of up to 24 m.


Despite having an industrial look, it's very effective.


From a technical point of view, it can also be solved by assembling or embedding the frame into the foundations to adapt it to the ground characteristics.


Roofing and side metal sheets (wall claddings) colors: Arcelor RAL Color Chart


Frame colors: RAL Color Chart


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