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Baby Padel Court

Baby Padel Court

Ficha Técnica

  • Reference: Baby Padel
  • Type: Baby Padel Court
  • Lenght: 10 m (inside measurement)
  • Width: 5 m (inside measurement)


Glass padel court and artificial turf with certified 10 mm tempered glass and the following main features:


  • ST44 Steel Structure

Metallic frames with rectangular profile, anchored to the ground by two anchoring plates with two 18mm holes and reinforced by anti-vibration gussets on every plate and tube joints. Side and top fences with welded mesh. Finishing plates fairing in corners. Rings for net support on both sides and tensor with gear to collect the steel wire.


  • Screws

Metal anchor bolts to concrete, 14 mm thick, 120 mm length, with maximum traction load of 1.000 Kg each anchor. Structure assembled with security self-locking screws and nuts (zinc plated).


  • Powder Coat Paint: maximize resistance to abrasion and rusting

Galvanized electric welded mesh; anti-corrosion zinc treatment with 95% Zinc Wash Primer. Electrostatically applied, baked polyester powder coating. Colour Palette available RAL.


  • 10 mm Clear Tempered Glass:

Tempered and colourless glazing, 10 mm thick with polished edges. Perfectly aligned panels and with optimal planimetry.


  • Lighting: Led

We offer different possibilities of floodlights and poles.
2/4 pole units, 4 m high, for support and attachment of floodlights and wire, tube with T-shape end.
2/4 pcs 150/200 W Led floodlights, watertight and with shatterproof glass.


  • Artificial Turf

Different types adapted to different needs: Fibrillated / Monofilament. colores cesped padel
Different colours: green, blue, red-brick, fuchsia, black (the last 3 only available in monofilamet turf) 





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