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05/10/2011. The magic of padel lands on the Caja Mágica of Madrid with 14 new courts

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Our company, X-TREME PADEL EQUIPMENT, was the succesful bidder selected to accomplish the construction works in the Caja Mágica (Magic Box), works which would complete this sports center with 14 padel and 4 tennis courts. These works ended in October 2010. 

The padel area was presented last september the best way possible, hosting the VI Padel Pro Tour International Competition. The Caja Magica was designed by the french architect Dominique Perrault. It is an avant-garde multi-functional building where sports, cultural and entertainment shows can be hosted. This facility, already running since April 2009, has 2 separate indoor areas, the one known as Caja Mágica and the other known as Indoor Tennis, more than 100.000 square meters together, and an outdoor area with tennis courts, gardens and a lake that reflects its metallic walls.



This innovative sports center already had 3 multipurpose stadiums and 11 indoor and 16 outdoor tennis courts. These works added 12 padel and 2 tennis courts inside the Indoor Tennis building, 2 outdoor tennis and another 2 outdoor padel courts, ranking the Caja Mágica among the most ambitious and complete racket sports centers, perfect to host professional games and prestigious competitions.


Xtreme has succesfully accomplished other important projects, e.g. UTE Ciudad de la Raqueta de Guadalajara (2009), a racket sports center with 10 glass padel courts and 3 tennis courts, or the Soto Torrejón Padel Club (2011), with 14 padel courts from which 6 are wall, another 6 glass and 2 individual courts.